Configuring DisPing is made to be a simple 5-minute setup.

DisPing is constantly getting updated with new features. If you see anything missing here, please do let us know.

Step 1: Start Tracking

To track a new user with DisPing using the /config command, please tap on the page below.

Adding Users

If you've already added a user and you would like to configure it, please tap on the page below.

🚶Configure Existing User

Step 2: Edit Tracked User

To configure the user for your server using the /config command, follow the steps below. The first step is the only required step.

  1. Configure the Channel: On the user configuration panel, please click the button "Channel". This will setup DisPing to post social media activity to a certain channel. After the "Channel" button is interacted with, DisPing will prompt you with a dropdown menu containing the text channels in your server. Please select the channel you would like the tracked user's social media activity to be sent. You can also interact with the "Use Current Channel" button to use the channel you are currently in.

  1. Set Role (Optional): If you want DisPing to ping a specific role based on the tracked user's social media activity, tap the "Role" button. DisPing will then prompt you with a dropdown menu to add the role. You can select the desired role, and then it will be added.

There are many more configuration options available for the tracked user. In addition to specifying the channel and roles, you can further customize how DisPing monitors and displays their social media activity.

Step 3: Exit

Great job on completing the setup! Please press the "Exit" button to end the configuration process.

From this point onward, DisPing will monitor the specified social media account or profile and display relevant activity in the configured channel. You can repeat this process to track multiple users or make adjustments to existing configurations as needed.

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